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Five Fathoms Kills 2017!     
A Total whirlwind of Conventions and Fundraisers!

     Well, Another Summer winds down, and with it, the end of a WILD year of Convention Travel  


     First off,  Jesse Young kicked off the year by representing 5F at the EDMONTON TATTOO & ARTS FESTIVAL.   Edmonton is actually Jesse's Hometown, and the birthplace of his tattoo career some 20 odd years ago.  Jesse Hung the Five Fathoms Banner along side DOING TATTOO's own Seve Estevez and his crew..  Seve is a true Powerhouse in Spanish Neo Traditional Tattooing, and has been in Edmonton for years, after traveling the world extensively and working in many countries.  The Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Fest took place on March 31st to April 2nd of 2017 at the Edmonton Expo Center.

A snippet of a painting by Spanish, Edmonton based Tattooer, Seve Estevez, of


Black and Grey Skull Gap Filler done by Jesse Young at the 2017 Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Fest.

Seve Estevez and Jesse Young.

Next up was SASKATOON!

     Shortly after Edmonton,  Nick Matovich, Jeremy Mathieson and Jesse Young arrived in Saskatoon Sask. to meet up with the might talented and very Polish, Piotr Barker of SIX GILL TATTOO in Sechelt BC.  This years SASKATOON TATTOO EXPO took place at Prairieland Park on April 7th to the 9th of 2017,.. and was put on once again by the one and only Jody Spychek of INK ADDICTION TATTOO.  This show is one of our faves in the country, and hosts a killer lineup of tattooers from the west coast, center, and east coast of our massive nation, as well as many artists from other countries.  Saskatoon is a city that loves their tattoo show, and eceryone who attends wants to get tattooed really bad.   Literally we did nothing but super fun walk ups the whole weekend, and it was great to see all of our buddies from all over the place.  The Thursday night Pre-Party meet and greet at Ink Addiction was exceptionally fun, and we'd really like to Jody and Keith and everyone for hosting a killer time. 

Eagle and Skull done as a Walk-Up by Nick Matovich, at the 2017 Saskatoon Tattoo Expo.

Huge Thanks to Our Man, the one and only John Salazar (aka, Saladbar) for running the Merch sales, setup, and Cleanup at the 5F booth in Sask this year.

Spider Walk-Up by Jeremy Mathieson at this years Saskatoon Tattoo Expo.  2017.

Nick gets his sleeve finished by the one and only Dave Cummings, of Montreal's PSC TATTOO at the Sask show. 2017

Big Thanks to everyone in Saskatoon.

Next, the whole Dang 5F crew Hits Vancouver!

This years Official Poster for the 2017 Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show was painted by Five Fathoms Own Nick Matovich. 

     The Vehicles Packed, and gassed up, the Whole gang hops in the caravan of shenanigans, and heads out once again to the VANCOUVER TATTOO & CULTURE SHOW.  Stopping only to take lovely mountainside group photos.

     Immediately upon arriving in Vancouver, Jeremy, Jesse, Ryan, and Andrew decided to rent tandem bikes in Stanley Park!  Looking like the opening credits to a 90's family sitcom, our hero's tooled along the sea wall, on their bicycles built for two.

     Nick decided to use the opportunity he was given to paint the convention poster, as a way to raise a few dollars for his fave charity.   We brought along the Original 16 by 20" painting, framed up and polished, and sold raffle tickets all weekend for 5 bucks a piece.   All money raised went to the BC CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION.   The Gang managed to raise $1170.00 over the weekend by selling the raffle tickets.   

     The 2017 show took place April 28th to the 30th of 2017, once again at the amazing Vancouver Convention Centre.  

Beer Mug Skull by Andrew McDonald at the 2017 Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show.

Nick and Ryan Deliver the Original Poster Art to the Big Winner in Abbotsford on the way home.  A great time was had by all, and we want to thank everyone who bought raffle tickets, Got Tattooed, or even just stopped by the booth to check out our portfolios.    Special thanks to Tim and Steph and the gang from Trick Factory Customs, for putting on a fun show.

SUNDAY MAY 21ST 2017!!!


16 hours of straight tattooing, 148 tattoos done, 22 tattooers volunteering their time...and the results are in! We are proud to announce that our fundraiser raised $27,163.00 for the BCCH cardiology unit!! Woot Woot!! We had tonnes of help from our friends, family and local businesses to make this day possible and the huge success that it was. We would like to give one last thank you to all those involved in our big day...big shout out to:

Good Guy Supply for donating all of the tubes and needles. 105.7 Sun FM for promoting our fundraiser.
Troy and Erin Scott at Signcraft for making the selfie banner.
Birch Hill Studio for donating $1,620 from in store and IG sales.
Wentworth Music for providing the PA.
CVJ carpet one for providing the red carpet.
Dan, Damien, Leigh and Rebecca for cooking up and serving the delicious eats!
Plan B Headquarters, Chatters Salon, Vernon Rock n Smoke Shop, Bamboo Beach, Eatology, Midtown Bistro, The Bulldog, Nourish Kelowna, K-Town Pizzeria, Bean Scene Coffee House, One Board Shop and Okanagan Skate Co. for providing swag and GC's for our raffle.
Ryan Halter and Shamus Mahannah for providing art work for our raffle and Dan at River Valley printing for making the prints.
Our awesome volunteers that ran the front desk and did random tasks throughout the day - Andy, Tyler, Jackie, Jay, Bryce, Kiel, Ryan Ramsay and John Salazar
Danny Marshall for setting up/running the PA system.
Illstylus and the D-Man for DJ'ing and Jackson for drumming.
Pill - thanks for running the stencil machine and bringing the salad.
Ashley Siebert for snapping pics.
Danielle Crowe from the Okanagan Tattoo Show for bringing food, tents and beer and blasting a couple of tats!

THE TATTOOERS!!!: Lucas Ford, Chad Woodley, Miss Beans, Jeremy Riley, Rob Jobe, Steve Klyn, Trevor Pelletier, Fresh-e, Nick Matovich, Jesse Young, Jason Dopko, English Dan, Jeremy Mathieson, Andrew McDonald, Dylan Homer, Munk Jansen, Logan Morrison, Braden Naka, Henry Black, Jay Beard AND Jody Spychek and Mike Prior for tattooing remotely and donating the proceeds to our fundraiser.

AND A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the 148 people that waited very patiently, donated their hard-earned cash, and got tattooed. I believe the first people started to line up at 4:00 am, and the line up went for 1 whole city block!!! We couldn't have done it without you!!!

Dylan Homer, aka, @weedwizard.. of vancouver's TATTOO UNION.. after applying one of the over 130 tattoos done at the five fathoms BCCHF fundraiser on may 21st 2017.

One of the many sheets of pre designed flash to choose from at the 2017 BC CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL FUNDRAISER.   Painted by Nick Matovich.


    Nova Matovich, (daugter of five fathoms owner, and tattooer, Nick Matovich, and wife Kelly) after her 3rd open heart surgery in May of 2016.  Nova has a rare congenital heart defect known as Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome,  a heart condition that inhibits the development of the left side of the heart during pregnancy. 3 mandatory open heart procedures are required to treat this condition, all of which were done at BC CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.    Nova is the inspiration for the Five Fathoms Tattoo, custom flash day fundraisers, that happen every two years. The first fundraising tattoo day took place in 2013, and raised $16,000.   the second event took place in may of 2015, which rasied $26,000,  and the third and most recent event was able to break that amount by raising the 27,163 dollars shown above.     

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